Here’s what just a few of my happy clients have to say…

Mom, the book (Done! by Dr. Galloway) was insightful and I grabbed a couple of good business tips from it. Thanks so much for thinking of me and thank Dr. Galloway too!

Mike M.

Dr. Renee Galloway has a genuine interest in seeing individuals become successful in whatever vocation they choose. Her seminars are structured to provide foundational concepts that are often missed or overlooked, but are the basis for success regardless of occupation.         

Barbara C.
Human Resources Manager

I invited Dr. Renee Galloway to speak with a small group of ladies at my home, to help us get our budgets in order. I found the instruction very simple to follow and to apply to my every day life. The points that Renee gave were:

Get a copy of your credit report
Set down list all your bills
Look at how much you have coming in and how much is going out
Be real with yourself and check your spending habits.

I have to say because of her instruction, I am proud to say that I have two savings accounts. On I don’t touch and the other is my safety net for emergencies and I do mean emergencies.

Donna M.
Senior Administrative Assistant

I believe we are in a day that there should be no excuses for lacking strategies on rebuilding our lives and rebuilding our financial stability, even in the time of a recession. In my years of working with Dr Galloway and participating in her workshops, she has the ability to give strategies and formulas that if followed, will bring about change. She has done seminars in areas such as Financial Fitness,Understanding your Purpose and Destiny and encouraging people to seek higher education in order to advance their careers, to become marketable and to move into another financial bracket. Dr. Galloway removes your ability to make excuses by using her self as a living epistle that can be easily read as one who has made achievements and accomplished goals.

Personally, I have gained life provoking information after attending lectures given by Dr. Galloway. One golden nugget of understanding I received was that preparation precedes open door. I may not have quoted the theory verbatim; however, what I heard caused me to not only pray for open doors, but to prepare as well. Therefore, when the door is opened, you are equipped to walk through it. In my field of Business, doors open very quickly and close just as fast. Being prepared in all areas is critical and crucial.

 Dr. Galloway is gifted and skilled with tools of administration and perseverance that is able to help anyone who is ready to move to another level in their personal lives. It is indeed a pleasure to glean wisdom from such an intelligent and genuine individual.

Rev. C. Brooks
Jubilee International Ministries

After attending a workshop facilitated by Dr. Galloway, we really enjoyed ourselves. Since I attend a lot of conferences/seminars, I thought it might be a repeat; but, I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the “not being lectured to” interactive-informal atmosphere and a lot of food for thought, action and growth. Thanks again for allowing us to come. God Bless – Let me know about the next one.

Beverly T.
Customer Service Representative

I recently completed the C.H.A.N.G.E course and thought it was one of the most clear and concisely put together mini-courses I’ve taken. The information was easily applicable and yet challenged you to be more intentional to change! Looking forward to more content like this!!! 

Kathy Mathews